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Jun 17, 2014

Happiness Is Not A Goal. It’s a Journey

Happiness is a state of mind, they said.

For me, sometimes it’s a total myth. We can’t control our mind, which is it’s the roots of any state happens.

Is there such a thing called absolute happiness?

Happiness that last, happiness that couldn’t taken over by some shitty shit? I’m not sure.

Absolute happiness is not a happiness easily taken by other’s happiness or other’s sadness. Not laughing over somebody’s tears. 

Does absolute happiness equals to sincerity?

Or one follow another?

Happiness oh, happiness.

You won’t find it until you question it and then ignore it.

Happiness is not how it ends. “Happily ever after” is how you do every single thing you do, genuinely.


May 2, 2014

Me On Education

Education is deeper than going to school with tons of homework, getting cum laude at college, or achieving as much S as the Samsung Galaxy S to improve the tittle following your name.

Education is nothing without morality. Both are equalize each other and turn us into people with dignity.

Happy National Education Day.

Never stop learning. Anywhere. Anytime

Feb 25, 2014

Dear My Dear

Dear my dearest,
I love you to the-furthest-place-a-human-being-could-be and back.

Yummy yellow 
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Yummy yellow 

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I miss this guy
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I miss this guy

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:) for sure
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:) for sure

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